Oxygen Absorber

  • Reduces oxygen level at a faster rate
  • Extends the shelf life of agricultural commodities
  • Affordable
  • Non-hazardous to health
  • Easy to use and does not require elaborate preparation
  • Can be disposed without any required special treatment
Tư vấn & Giải đáp

The Oxygen Absorber eliminates oxygen inside GrainPro storage units. The packets absorb free oxygen from the air around the commodity and chemically bind it. They eliminate the chance for oxidative rancidity (as in the case of oil seeds) and respiration of insects and bacteria that would otherwise affect the quality of the stored commodity.

The Oxygen Absorber consists of iron powder, activated carbon powder, salt, diatomite, and water.

This solution can be used in all types of Ultra-Hermetic™ storage units to ensure preserved quality and decrease the chances of postharvest losses.

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