Insect infestations in stored agricultural commodities can bring irreparable damage, resulting to billions of dollars in post-harvest losses every year. Globally, insects plague farms and warehouses, creating problems and difficulties for farmers and traders alike. One such insect is the rice weevil.

Rice weevils are pest insects that damage grains, rice, maize, and other crops by feeding on the inside of such commodities. Female rice weevils lay an egg in each grain or kernel, then the larva eats the inside for sustenance to develop into an adult, which lives for approximately 2 to 3 months. Each female can lay up to 400 eggs during her lifespan.

Rice weevil infestations may occur on various conditions, but the optimal temperature is from 25° C to 30° C. Stored, undisturbed commodities are usually the best habitat for these insects to target, such as those in warehouses, silos, and bins.

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