GrainPro Hermetic Pouch

  • Gas-tight, moisture-tight, and reusable
  • Protects against mold growth and insect infestation
  • Retains taste, color, and aroma of products
  • Maintains germination and vigor of stored seeds
  • Fit for storage of organic products
  • Better UV protection for light-sensitive commodities
Tư vấn & Giải đáp

The GrainPro® Hermetic Pouch™ is a resealable bag for commodity samples with a capacity of up to 2500 grams. It is made of an Ultra-Hermetic material with an air-tight single-track zipper to maintain the commodity’s freshness. This hermetic storage and transport solution is made of high-strength polyethylene with a proprietary barrier layer that protects coffee and other sample commodities from air and moisture ingress. It retains the freshness of stored samples and protects against insect infestation.

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