GrainPro Bubble Dryer

  • Portable & easy to relocate
  • Can be installed on any flat surface, a multi-commodity dryer
  • Faster drying time vs. conventional sun drying
  • A solution relative to existing mechanical dryers
  • Protects commodities during drying to prevent post-harvest losses
  • Provides protection from birds, fowls, and other animals
  • Prevents spillage & contamination with hazardous materials
Tư vấn & Giải đáp

Official  Product Name: GrainPro® Solar Bubble Dryer™

The GrainPro Bubble Dryer is a tunnel-type dryer designed to dry agricultural commodities while protecting them against sudden rains and unpredictable weather. Using heated air, the commodities’ moisture content is vaporized and pushed out by ventilators through an exhaust port.

Using this solution, commodities can be dried at an average rate of 0.5% moisture content per hour (based on paddy and corn). However, with optimal conditions of high atmospheric temperatures, drying time is about 6 to 8 hours at the moisture content of 22% to 14%.

The GrainPro Bubble Dryer comes in two different model types: (A) a solar model, operating solely through renewable solar energy, and (B) an electric model that uses electric power from the grid. Both model types provide rake mixer that can be used in all terrain and tube mixer (optional mixing device) which provide undulating motion during the mixing operation.

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